Moose on the Loose


Kemptville had a rather large visitor on Friday and she didn’t seem to want to leave.

Reports of a female moose at Rideau Glen Golf Course came into the North Grenville Times on Thursday last week. On Friday people started reporting seeing the moose along County Road 43 around 8:20 am. It was reported to be seen hanging around Car Canada and checking out JT Auto Parts.

Moose sighting at Rideau Glen Golf Course

At around 3 pm, the moose was cornered by residents in cars at EB Sales and Services across the road from the Cornerstone Mall on County Road 43. Both the Grenville OPP and first responders were on hand to ensure the safety of the public and the animal. By the end of the day, it was reported that the moose had been safely ushered back into the woods.

Apparently, the moose hadn’t had enough of the people of North Grenville though. On Saturday the moose was seen grazing in a field near the corner of Guy Road and Stone Road just outside Oxford Mills.

It is not known why the moose seemed to want to stay out of its natural habitat. It is moose hunting season but only in certain parts of Northern Ontario, not in North Grenville. According to Ottawa River Keeper, moose tend to live in temperate forests and spend a lot of time by the water, eating aquatic plants.

The only other urban-area moose sighting reported this year in the area was in July, when an injured moose wandered onto the 417 near Pinecrest Road in Ottawa. Ottawa naturalist Michael Runtz told CBC news at the time that moose do tend to wander, and that Ottawa has a fairly large moose population.


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