Merrickville-Wolford Council recognizes Fulford students

Two Fulford Preparatory College students were recognized at the last council meeting in Merrickville-Wolford for their achievements at the Canadian Mathematics Competition. Twenty Fulford students journeyed to the University of Waterloo last year to participate in the contest, which draws students from all over the country. Although participation is voluntary, the results are given important consideration for admission to many North American universities.

Grade 11 student from China, Allan Wu, scored in the top 11 per cent in the senior mathematics competition, and Grade 10 student from Taiwan, Marvin Wu, scored in the top 23 per cent of the intermediate competition.

The presentation of their certificates of recognition from the Village was met with exclamations of “awesome”, and “right on”, from the gallery in support of the boys.

“It’s quite an accomplishment,” said Mayor Doug Struthers right before he handed them their certificates. “We’re very proud of you and, while you do come respectively from China and Taiwan, you are living here in Merrickville and you are part of our community. We’re so glad you participated along with the other 18 students.”


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