Merrickville-Wolford Community fund Public Information Session


Submitted by Ann Martin and Dan Black

A public information session regarding the Merrickville-Wolford Community Fund (MWCF) will be held at the Merrickville District Community Health Centre, tonight, April 18 at 7 pm.

The MWCF was established in 2017 to provide a way to encourage philanthropy in the community we love and to help ensure that Merrickville-Wolford’s needs are addressed, both now and well into the future. Led by local community members, the Merrickville-Wolford Community Fund joined a worldwide movement that now serves 90% of Canadian communities. The MWCF operates under the auspices of the Ottawa Community Foundation, one of more than 190 Community Foundations across the country that provide opportunities for citizens to support their local community, simplify their philanthropy and plan for legacies that will perpetuate their values and interests.

The MWCF is uniquely positioned to enable charitable giving by providing services and structured options for families, companies, community-minded groups, and charitable organizations looking to create their owned named funds. In this way, the MWCF will benefit our community while helping to fulfil the philanthropic objectives of the donors. The MWCF advisory committee is made up of dedicated local community members and coordinates funding, gathers local knowledge and enables philanthropy in Merrickville-Wolford. It can do so through the use of funds established to support a particular themed area within the boundaries of the Village of Merrickville-Wolford. It can also facilitate charitable giving by providing volunteer driven, but professional resources and organizational support services for both the donors and local charitable causes.

Session participants will have a better understanding of the many ways a community fund invests in the community—through grants, building partnerships and pooling knowledge, resources and expertise to stimulate ideas, all of which strengthen our community. Members of the community may also wish to volunteer to work on the Steering Committee which will guide the work of the MWCF.

For more information, please contact and follow the MWCF’s FaceBook page.


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