Merrickville-Wolford budget update


A Merrickville-Woldford resident expressed concern at the last council meeting about all the money that is being spent before the budget is approved. Council gave pre-budget approval for increasing the funding for Canada Day from $10,000 to $12,000, based on the Canada Day committee’s request. They also gave pre-budget approval for ordering $1,700 worth of flowers for the Village at the same meeting. Permission was also given for municipal staff to write cheques to the various community groups that had been approved for a municipal grant.

“You’re increasing budgets for different activities that are going on, and we don’t have a budget” stated Merrickville-Wolford resident, Dawn Dawson, at the meeting. “When is the budget going to be set?”

Interim CAO, Arie Hoogenboom, assured her that they have an interim Treasurer working on the budget and they hope to have it ready for approval within a month. “It is not unusual for there to be some pre-budget approvals,” Arie said. “The municipality still has to continue to spend money.”

The search for a full-time Treasurer is underway, but it may still be four to six weeks before a new person can start. Arie says they are hoping to have the budget passed before then. “We are prepared to call a special meeting of council if that will expedite the budget,” said Mayor David Nash.


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