Eric Monkman, Sophie Monkman, Alyx Tooley, Max Dafoe, Donna Dafoe, Beth Tooley

At an assembly on Friday, December 2, Monkman Forming Ltd. presented a cheque to the Merrickville Public School to support the build of the new play structure.

The Merrickville Public School’s Advisory Council has been fundraising for a new play structure through the Play for Everyone campaign. The current play structure is almost 25 years old and is in need of repairs and is not accessible for all children.

Monkman Forming is a family business and has a vested interest in supporting this community school. Eric Monkman’s granddaughter, Sophie, just started Junior Kindergarten at MPS this past September. Monkman Forming was contracted in the building of the new Learning Commons addition on the school in 2014. This Merrickville business encourages other business owners in the area to support the Play for Everyone campaign to give the children at MPS a fun, safe and accessible play structure that will promote their learning and physical development.


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