Merrickville Fire Department welcomes new Deputy Chief

The Merrickville Fire Department welcomed Brad Cole as the new Deputy Fire Chief at the end of January. The volunteer position has been vacant since April, when the previous Deputy Fire Chief, Mark Urquhart, was promoted to Chief.

Brad has been a volunteer fire fighter with the Merrickville Fire Department for eleven years, and Mark says he has more than proven himself on stressful calls, and that he possesses the good judgement, skills and knowledge needed to excel in the position. “He is very capable,” Mark says.

The re-instatement of a Deputy Fire Chief will ensure continuity of service when it comes to responding to calls 24/7, 365 days a year. The Deputy Chief looks after operations, is second in command, and will take over from Mark when he is away.

Brad says he loves being a part of the Merrickville Fire Department and is excited about his new position. “I want to give back to the community and help people in their time of need,” he says. “Every call is different and you learn something new every time.”

In his day job, Brad works for the Village of Merrickville as an equipment operator. This works well, as his hours are flexible enough to allow him to fulfill the duties of the Deputy Fire Chief and respond to calls when needed.

The Chief says that the Merrickville Fire Department is committed to moving forward and to fostering their management team. The Department has a clear organizational chart, with a Chief, Deputy Chief, and four Lieutenants who look after five fire fighters each. “We are very fortunate,” Mark says, “All of our members are very capable in their performance. They have a real commitment to the community and that’s pretty humbling as a Chief.”


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