The NG Times Newspaper

by Fire Chief Mark Urquhart

The Merrickville Fire Department (MFD) has been improving the level of service to our citizens in Merrickville-Wolford with our Rural Response capacity since 2011. This began with the addition of our 2008 – Dodge 2500 Brush Truck and forestry skid unit (200 gallon water tank and portable pump). This Unit was made possible by the fund raising efforts of our Merrickville Firefighters Association, Community and Corporate sponsors.

Over this past year, we have enhanced this level of service with the addition of our UTV (2018 – 1000 Can-Am Defender Max) and Medical Medlite patient transport skid unit. All of the funds were raised from Corporate donations from; CP Rail, Enbridge Gas, IBM and Trans Northern Pipe line totalling $19,000.00 and our Merrickville Firefighters Association – $8,500.00 towards the UTV & $5,000.00 for Medical Skid Unit.

Our UTV has the ability to install the all season track system that will allow operation in all conditions. This vehicle will also assist our allied agencies (Paramedics and Police) with accessing individuals in remote and rural areas. The Medical Skid Unit will allow safe transport of an injured person with a Paramedic able to safely accompany the patient, continuing patient care until they can be transferred to an Ambulance. It will also compliment our ability to access areas that are limited to our larger fire vehicles for firefighting activities and rescue.

With the MFD servicing a large area of Limerick Forest, as well as our over 214 sq. km in Merrickville-Wolford, this equipment will improve our responses to wildfires and emergencies within this area. The Rural Response equipment is also available to our neighbours through the Provincial Mutual Aid Plan.

The MFD is committed to the protection of persons and property in Merrickville-Wolford as well as our surrounding neighbours. The commitment of the Merrickville Firefighters Association and their fund raising efforts to improve the level of service to the citizens and visitors to Merrickville-Wolford is humbling as Chief. I am very proud of our Members and their dedication to the service of others.


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