A group of Merrickville-Wolford residents have come together in an effort to bring a family of Syrian refugees to the community.

Audrey Bridge, spokesperson for Merrickville Bridge to Canada, introduced the group officially to council last Monday night, asking for their support.

Like many similar groups in the area, Merrickville Bridge to Canada is working with World Hope Canada as their sponsorship agreement holder. “They will issue the list of fully vetted families which our family will be selected from,” Audrey says. “We are looking for a family of five.”

They have also partnered with the Community Foundation of Ottawa, who will be taking care of donations and issuing tax receipts. Audrey says they have a strong organization put together already and have had a lot of community support. “The health centre is already prepared for the family to come,” she says. “We are also very lucky to have Fulford Academy, which has a lot of students who speak Arabic.”

Merrickville Bridge to Canada obtained unanimous support at the council meeting and Deputy Mayor Anne Barr spoke at the information session held on Wednesday evening at the Merrickville Community Centre to represent the municipality.


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