Merrick Preparatory School opening registration to local students this Fall


Merrick Preparatory School in Merrickville is hoping to welcome more local students into their classrooms this Fall.

Primarily a boarding school for international students, Merrick Preparatory School started opening their courses up to day students last year. Director of Academics, Danielle Mignault, says with an average class size of 10, students have their own space and equipment, which is extremely beneficial especially with COVID-19 regulations. Because the class sizes are so small, Merrick Preparatory School is able to offer full time in class learning for all students, which is not possible in larger public schools, due to COVID-19.

For the 2020/2021 school year, local students will have the choice to either come to class or participate in the school’s unique synchronous learning environment. As a science and math teacher, Danielle says she is really happy with how the platform came together. “It’s really cool,” she says. “It feels like [the students] are sitting in class even if they are at home.”

Danielle says whether students choose to learn in class or from home this Fall, they will not be missing out on any aspect of their education. Students will not only be in full time in-person or online classes; but they will still be offering after school activities, guidance counselling and virtual university visits. “No one is losing out on anything in terms of their education,” she says.

One of the unique aspects of Merrick Preparatory School is that students have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Danielle said she remembers one local boy who joined the school who was nervous at first, but really blossomed by the end of the year. He made connections with all the international students, and even went to visit one of his friends in Japan during a school break. “It’s a real family feel,” Danielle says. “The students really lift each other up.”

Danielle says she wants local families to know that Merrick Preparatory School is a great option for the 2020/2021 school year. Their safe in-class and synchronous learning platform ensures that no student will be left behind, even with the restrictions of COVID-19. “You child’s academic future is not going to be changed,” she says. “We’re here and we offer some really cool stuff.”

Registration for the Fall is now open. For more information about what Merrick Preparatory School offers, find them on Facebook or visit their website


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