At Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health (LLGAMH), we care for our local communities and provide support to those with mental health and substance use challenges. LLGAMH offers health services and programming that promote recovery, independence, and well-being for individuals and families. National Mental Health Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness and do even more.

“These are trying times, and we know that good mental health includes feeling and expressing all of our emotions – the difficult ones and the positive ones,” explains Patricia Kyle, LLGAMH CEO. “We need to talk about how we are feeling and put our emotions into words. Our team is here to help.”

At LLGAMH, we are also looking inward and supporting our staff. “This past year has been so challenging for so many,” adds Patricia. “I am so proud of our team for providing essential services and support to our clients throughout the pandemic. This week, we also want to take some time to celebrate and support them.”

Throughout the week, events are planned to explore ways to protect our mental health and bring joy, wellness, and balance. “We need to find ways to combat stress and fatigue – and encourage connection with one another. We will be sharing our learnings with our clients,” adds Patricia.

Special thanks to the YMCA of Eastern Ontario for its support.

This week—and every week after—don’t go uncomfortably numb. #GetReal about how you feel. And name it, don’t numb it.


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