Meeting number 40 for NG Council


by Brandon Mayer
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The North Grenville Council met for its 40th scheduled meeting on the evening of Tuesday, October 19. Returning from a short holiday was Deputy Mayor McManaman, and absent from the meeting was Councillor Strackerjan.

Mayor Peckford began with a word of thanks to all municipal government staff in honour of Municipal Government Week. “We really appreciate the work, the effort, the dedication, the nimbleness, as you navigate council priorities and preoccupations,” she stated. Mayor Peckford also noted that the week of October 18-22 was Waste Reduction Week in North Grenville. This came with the good news that North Grenville has managed to divert 794 tonnes of food and organic waste from landfills since February, thanks to the composting program.

Briefly mentioned was the “Most Active Community” honour that was bestowed upon North Grenville in July, as reported by the Times. Mayor Peckford reminded residents that an online survey is available to help decide how best to use the $100,000 prize money. She also reminded community groups that the deadline to submit applications for community grant money is November 19. The grant applications will be considered by council in early 2022.

The mayor also took a moment to thank those in the community who provided support to her after her mother’s recent passing. “I feel very blessed to be serving here in North Grenville, and have so many people extend kind words and thoughtfulness, put some food at our door, and make sure the kids got to school okay,” she told the room.

The first item on the agenda was a presentation by Brandon Shipman, Engineering Technologist for the Municipality of North Grenville. After some discussion of routine business, Brandon made several recommendations, including one for an operational review of the Oxford Mills Transfer Station, in the hopes of finding “efficiencies.” Also discussed were North Grenville’s options in regards to new provincial Blue Box Program mandates. In April of 2019, the Ontario government directed that producers of plastic and other packaging must take over responsibility for the management of recycling in Ontario’s Blue Box Program. The Municipality must decide whether to act as a contract administrator on behalf of the producers, or to let the producers themselves execute the contract. Questions of control over the program, in addition to cost, were debated, and no decisions will be made until reviews are completed.

Brandon also presented, alongside Director of Public Works, Karen Dunlop, a request to transfer the responsibility of snow clearing and other road maintenance to the municipality from the developer of the Tempo Subdivision in Kemptville. Mayor Peckford asked about the potential of a new park in the Tempo Subdivision, but Director Dunlop was unable to confirm anything at the time of the meeting. By-law 104-21 was passed, giving the Municipality the responsibility for the infrastructure in the Tempo subdivision.

Finally, Council was asked to pass a motion awarding the contract for foundation repairs to the signage at the North Grenville Municipal Centre to Bradley Contracting. Bradley Contracting had provided the only bid on the contract, likely due to the scope of the project, as the entire foundation is in need of repairs. Council heard that the price was fair for the work to be completed, at a total cost of $47,398. The money would be taken from the Municipality’s reserve fund, with work intended to be completed this fall. The motion was passed.

The meeting ended relatively quickly, lasting just under 50 minutes.


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