Meet Sally and Manny


by Paul Cormier

On Saturday, February 5, two new clients decided to camp out on the patio at Salamanders of Kemptville. So, meet Sally and Manny. The creative brain-child of Johanna Jansen and her spouse André, our two salamander guests sit in front of their tables with their drinks, giving us hope for the spring opening of the Salamanders waterfront patio.

Readers may remember that, in pre-Covid times, the North Grenville Arts Guild had built a snow Dragon on our patio; this year, the theme for the two snow sculptures was more whimsical, and coincided with the first weekend of our re-opening. Wouldn’t it be nice if Kemptville hosted an annual Snow Sculpture event? 

Salamanders is honoured by an ongoing partnership with the Guild, and guests in our restaurant get to enjoy the art of its members on an ongoing basis. The Guild is planning a spring art show and you will hear news about this very shortly. 

Many thanks and congratulations to Johanna and André for their superb work! 


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