Meet Rob Barclay, the lonely saxophone player


Last week was a tough week for me, emotionally.  On a particularly bad day, I drove to the B&H to pick something up.  As I got out of the car, a lonely saxophone player was playing, “Let it Be”. The music was uplifting.  I was also happy to see that he was back again.

Many of you may have noticed him around town, busking in different places.  Rob Barclay has been playing Saxophone for over 30 years now.  Originally from Ottawa, he now calls Kemptville home. Rob has a fairly successful monetized YouTube page, and he does session recordings for many other artists.  He performs at weddings, restaurants and live events. 

Since moving to Kemptville, he has performed at two of the Kemptville Downtown Promenades,at all three Kemptville Buskerfests, and four of the Kemptville and Merrickville Christmas Promenades. 

By far his favourite thing to do is Busking. It is a very intimate thing.  Just to see how music can trigger so many emotions and memories in people, is really a beautiful thing.  He has had some wonderful conversations through his interactions with all sorts of people. 

While he performs in a few different towns and villages, Kemptville is his favourite location. His new hometown is full of amazing artists and musicians, and the community continues to show their support for him. 

In Rob’s words, “Having a community like this that tries to keep the Arts alive, and having a local musician like Herb Clothier encouraging and pushing for more music in the community, has been incredible and inspiring. Thank you to everyone for your amazing support, I hope to see you next time I am busking.


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