Meet Jason Larmour


by Retired Navy Captain Peter Milsom, President, Kemptville Navy League

Chief Petty Officer (CPO2) Jason Larmour

Chief Petty Officer (CPO2) Jason Larmour did not achieve his high rank by accident. His over four years of service with Sea Cadets has, due to his hard work and active participation in the program, turned out a strong leader and a capable performer in a wide range of skills and activities. In cadets, and out in his day-to-day life, he has proven himself to be a well- rounded super achiever, balancing the demands of schooling, the Cadet Program, volunteer activities, and employment in a wide range of part-time and summer jobs.

Jason has lived in the Kemptville area all his life, now over seventeen years. Well-rounded? – you be the judge! From 2013 to the present, he has volunteered with the Grenville Fish and Game Club for community brush and roadside cleanup, and helped with the annual silent auction and dinner. He served as parking lot attendant and ticket booth helper for the South Mountain Fair. He has worked on weekends and during the summers for the past several years with Airsoft/Siloki Combat Centre in Smiths Falls as a referee and in constructing various structures and bunkers. He has also, through his hard work, earned a position as line co-captain, and on the TrafficControl Team for Drain-All Limited hazardous waste pickup.

In the meantime, he has maintained an average of 85% and Honour Roll status every year since Grade 9 in all of his courses at North Dundas District High School. He has studied to be bilingual in the French language since Grade 1. His hobbies include archery, small engine repair, welding, paintball, and car restoration. Archery is not just a casual interest. Jason started archery at six years of age and has since competed in many provincial, national, and international tournaments. He has competed on the school archery team for the past several years.

In Cadets, Chief Petty Officer Second Class does not happen easily. Jason was required to pass a formal competitive Review Board assessing his naval and general knowledge, his leadership skills, and knowledge to earn this promotion. An excellent leader and dependable and consistent hard worker, he is constantly striving to improve his skills with special courses, such as the Sail Training Course at RMC in Kingston, weekend workshops and training designed to develop skills in communication, team building, seamanship, and team management and leadership.

His participation in Biathlon and Range team competition has been a source of real enjoyment, especially in meeting new friends and gaining new experiences. A Power Award winner in his first year of cadet training, he started as he meant to go on, achieving, learning, participating, competing, and succeeding in all he undertook.


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