Meet Able Cadet (AC) Fernando Esquivel


by POC 2 Dilan Yildirim, RCSCC DEFIANT

Able Cadet
(AC) Fernando Esquivel

“Learning, making new friends and having fun with them along the way” are the things 13 year old Able Cadet Esquivel says he enjoys the most about being a cadet. Fernando is a young and ambitious cadet with a lot of potential. He has been living in Kemptville for five years and has been a Sea cadet for two years now. For young people thinking of joining the cadets, AC Esquivel’s piece of advice is to worry less and trust that you will have a good time. He says it is much more fun than you’d expect. Thankfully, the cadets are still getting together despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but only virtually. Thanks to some dedicated and innovative Corps leadership, this still includes lots of fun and interesting activities.

What interested him most when he joined the sea cadet program was the opportunity to practice and learn about marksmanship, which he got to do with the 338 Defiant Corps’ Marksmanship Team. At the weekly marksmanship practices, AC Esquivel’s favourite moments are the ones spent socializing with his teammates while preparing, and reviewing their performance together afterwards. Fernando is hoping to compete in the next Regional Marksmanship Competitions.

Thanks to the cadet program, Fernando got the chance to obtain his first aid certification. The weekend long course taught him how to intervene during emergencies, make bandages and administer CPR. AC Esquivel has had the opportunity to attend a cadet camp with its excellent training, sports and fun activities. At camp, Able Cadet Esquivel had a lot of fun meeting new people, sleeping over and eating delicious meals with his friends in the cafeteria.

To add to his cadet experience, he plans to join more teams and maybe work as a staff cadet in the future, and to continue to be a strong, accomplished contributor to the Cadet Program. Able Cadet Esquivel wants to study engineering or mechanics after graduating from high school and perhaps even serve the country when he is older.


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