The Times hosted a Mayoral candidates meeting at the Municipal Centre last Thursday night, and the theatre was filled to capacity long before the time scheduled to begin the event. The interest and passion of the electors of North Grenville was on display in a meeting that sometimes veered towards confusion. Some felt that too much time was being spent on too few issues, while the moderator, Dr. David Shanahan, held to the view that the important thing was to listen to the four candidates speak and judge them on their performance.

There is no doubt that it was a better night for some candidates than for others, and many left the theatre quite convinced about where their vote would go. The Times thanks Lisa Kmiel and her team at the Municipal Centre, especially those handling seating, lighting and sound, for their support and professionalism.

Further All-candidate meetings are being held in Bishop’s Mills and Burritt’s Rapids in the coming weeks. Bishop’s Mills have their meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October
10, from 7 to 9.30 p.m. Doors open at 6.15.


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