by Peter Milsom

With the COVID constraints being relaxed, the masks are coming off in Ontario on 21 March, and the Kemptville Branch of the Navy League of Canada now has permission from National Defence, the Navy League, and the Municipality to get back to in-person training for the cadets. Moms and Dads, the boys and girls of your family can now get out and do the fun activities they enjoy.

After months constrained to the house, snow-shovelling, and the TV, it is a great time to get out and try something new and interesting! Like, considering becoming a volunteer! Like, helping our community come out of its mandated shell! Coincidentally, we are looking for VOLUNTEERS for the Kemptville Navy League Branch Board of Directors.

The Board is comprised of people just like you, parents, retirees, volunteers acting together in an elected Executive and functional directors, all of whom are people who possess different and valuable backgrounds, skills, experience, and interests but also a common focus on helping young people learn and grow confidently. The Board is a vital partner with the two Cadet Corps, RCSCC DEFIANT for girls and boys 12-18 years of age and NLCC ASSINIBOINE for boys and girls aged 9-12 years.

We support the corps and their cadets through our activities of community liaison, recruiting, and fundraising that are needed to support and sustain this volunteer-based, educational youth charity, so important to the young people of our community.

The Board has several interesting positions coming open – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Director Public Relations/ Communications, Director Awards and Special Events and a Director Membership/Volunteer Liaison. These positions are supported by others, including a highly effective five-person Fundraising Team.

Partnered with the outstanding officers and volunteers for our two excellent cadet corps, most of whom are parents and often ex-cadets, these roles with the Board provide outstanding opportunities to give back to your community as it works to re-energise itself out of the COVID doldrums.

Interested parents and leaders can e-mail us for more information about becoming engaged, enrolling their young people in the Program, or to volunteer at for the Board, or for Defiant Sea Cadets at, and for the Assiniboine Navy League Cadets, at We look forward to hearing from you!


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