Love NG Live is a new initiative being introduced to help spotlight local businesses. Hilary Thomson and Daren Givoque will host a weekly show, beginning on Monday, March 22, at 7 pm. Each week, a business will be highlighted, focusing on the people behind the business.

At the press conference to launch the initiative on March 11, Mayor Nancy Peckford offered a supportive message, explaining that “Love NG started as a campaign to encourage residents to shop local, and support local businesses, particularly during the pandemic. Love NG Live is an exciting initiative that will provide an opportunity for residents to learn more about the people behind our unique local businesses.”

There are over 2000 businesses in North Grenville. Various partners in the project introduced themselves, and threw their support behind the plan. Darren Johnson of the Old Town Kemptville BIA is excited to see the entrepreneurs come into the spotlight to tell their compelling stories. These stories will help people connect to the businesses and the owners. He’s also looking forward to working collaboratively with all the business partners, for it is an excellent opportunity to highlight what the various organisations can do together. Karen Quigley of the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce, and Matt Gillmer, Economic Development Officer at North Grenville spoke enthusiastically about this initiative. Darren Gallacher, the business loans officer for Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC), reminded everyone that the businesses are there to support so many community events. It’s tremendously important to support the local businesses because when you do, the money stays in the community.

The tech wizard behind this project is Frank Desormeaux, owner of Livestream Junkies. He is a new entrepreneur in Kemptville, and has been in business for about a year. He decided he needed to do something to help some of the local businesses and knows there are a lot of stories to tell. The focus of the show will be to tell their stories, find out who they are, how hard they work, and what is behind their business. His hope is that people fall in love with the businesses, and will really try to shop local first. He’s encouraged by so many people coming together to work on this project. The pilot has 11 episodes, but the plan is to try different things, to explore various interviewing techniques and approaches, such as panel or group discussions. Their goal is to really connect with the viewers. Hopefully the viewers will provide feedback so that the show can give them more of what they like.

The first show will stream live Monday, March 22, 7 pm, on It will also be broadcast on several other Facebook pages. It’s a weekly show, and there’s the possibility of it going to cable in the future.

Get in touch at [email protected], or through the Chamber of Commerce, Old Town BIA, or CDFC.


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