An interview with Lorraine Rekmans, Green Party candidate for the riding of Leeds–Grenville–Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes.


  1. Hi Lorraine: Congratulations on your re-election. I have a question . . . I’m interested in having a little
    saucer shaped burner that would take charcoal. I’ve heard “any open flame is banned in NG”. Is this true
    of a little leg warmer. We like to sit out on a nice evening and something to warm one’s tootsies and legs
    would be desirable. Would this be allowed by bylaw? Would anyone bother us if it is? They sell them at
    Canadian Tire and are very small and a BBQ is an open flame. We have a BBQ outside and there’s never
    been an issue. Could you please advise? Thanks, Lorraine.


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