A Message from the North Grenville Police Services Board

submitted by Jill Sturdy, Municipality of NG

With the warmer weather, drivers are no doubt seeing more bicycles and motorcycles on the roadways.

The North Grenville Police Services Board is encouraging drivers and cyclists to share the road, and to be courteous and respectful of one another.

May is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month – a reminder that every road user plays a role in motorcycle safety and that sharing the road with motorcycles is important and easy to do. 

“The reality is cyclists and motorcyclists are more likely to be injured or killed in a collision because they do not have the safeguards when it comes to protection. Please slow down and approach cyclists and motorcyclists with caution. We want to ensure the safety of all road users,” highlighted Mayor Nancy Peckford.

Be extra careful when passing cyclists on undivided roads. Passing them too closely can cause the rider to lose control. Always ensure you leave at least one-metre distance between the vehicle and bike when passing them. It’s the law.

“Due to their size, motorcycles and bicycles may be harder to see. When driving near a cyclist or motorcyclist, be alert, and always signal and check your blind spots before making a turn or changing lanes,” emphasized Deputy Mayor John Barclay, Chair of the Police Services Board.

Check twice for motorcyclists and cyclists in the incoming lane before you turn left; and yield to cyclists continuing straight before you turn right.

For the safety of motorcycle and bicycle riders, it is recommended that they make eye contact with motorists, use hand signals and always signal lane changes. Other safety tips include wearing bright colours to be more visible to other motorists, and always being alert.

Slow down when passing Horses and Riders

Drivers are likely to encounter horseback riders on the rural roads. Horses can be unpredictable, and motorists should always slow down and use caution when passing a horse, and never honk their horn. Horseback riders should ride single file on the shoulder in the direction of traffic.

Led by the North Grenville Police Services Board, the Road Safety public awareness campaign aims to promote safe driving behaviours and make roads in North Grenville safer for all users.

For more information on the campaign, visit  www.northgrenville.ca/roadsafety.

Safety Tips for Cyclists:

Observe Traffic regulations – stay to the right, observe road signs and practice arm signaling.

Be Heard – Use your bell, horn, hand signals or voice to communicate that you are passing or approaching.

Be Seen – Have a light on your bike and wear bright-coloured or reflective clothing – especially at dusk and at night.

Be protected, wear a helmet – a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of injury or death in the event of a fall or collision.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle riders:

Check the weather – Avoid riding when there are inclement weather conditions and see if the route has places where you can stop in case of emergencies. 

Do NOT follow too closely. Leaving space gives you time to manoeuvre and avoid a collision.

Slow down and be extra vigilant at intersections.

Wear Protective Clothing – shorts and a t-shirt will not protect you against pavement.


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