A young entrepreneur has taken a Mother’s Day gift idea and turned it into a thriving business. In May, thirteen-year-old Payton Cory was wondering what she could give her mother for Mother’s Day, as she couldn’t go shopping for a gift because of COVID-19. She started googling Mother’s Day gifts online and found a recipe for hand scrub which used ingredients they already had at home. “I ended up just making it, because it seemed pretty simple,” she says.

Payton’s mom liked her pineapple hand scrub so much she gave some to Payton’s grandmother, who then shared it with one of her friends. “They said: you should really make this into a business,” Payton says. “And that’s how the idea bloomed.”

Her grandparents became her investors and helped her source and create packaging for the scrub. Payton came up with the name Sweet Scrub, because one of the main ingredients is sugar. All the ingredients in the scrub are natural and edible, although Payton doesn’t recommend tasting it. “I had to try to make sure,” she says. “It’s very sweet.”

Since she started the business in June, Payton has sold over 200 jars of Sweet Scrub through family and friends. She now has five different scents: strawberry, pineapple, coffee vanilla, pumpkin spice, and apple cinnamon, all of which have been created and tested alongside her grandmother at their home. “I’m very proud,” says grandmother, Lynn Pominville. “She’s very focused on coming up with new scents, and creative in what she wants to do.”

Payton is already looking towards the holidays and wants to create two new scents, cranberry and peppermint, for the season. She is also looking at creating holiday gift packages for people who might want to buy multiple scents for their friends and family. Payton is still in the development phase for these scents, but she hopes to have them available by November 15.

Although Sweet Scrub is Payton’s business, she says she really enjoys testing and creating recipes with her grandmother. Sweet Scrub has been a great activity to have throughout the pandemic and she hopes that the business will help her save up to buy a car in a few years.

It is hoped to have somewhere to sell Sweet Scrub in person in the future; but right now the product is available to order online through Sweet Scrub’s Instagram account and email: [email protected].

Each jar costs $7.00, and if you return the container you will get $1.00 off your next purchase. All the scrubs smell great and they are perfect for moisturizing and exfoliating dry hands that have been washed and sanitized throughout the day. The perfect gift for any frontline worker or for yourself during these challenging times!


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