Local students win scholarships to Merrick Prep


Merrick Preparatory School is offering full scholarships to five local students looking to join us for Grade 9 in September, 2021.

Merrick Prep already accepted three local students who will receive this opportunity, worth $25,000 each. Helen Phan from Merrickville, Elisa Hopkins from Kemptville, and Neema Odongo from Ottawa are our first recipients.

We are still looking to offer two more spots to local Grade 9 students for September, 2021. Merrick Prep is also offering $40,000 in scholarships for local students in Grades 9-12. School tours and interviews are available.

To learn more about these opportunities, contact us at: admissions@merrickprep.com, or visit our website: www.merrickprep.com/day-program.

Merrick Preparatory School is located in Merrickville and offers Grade 9-12 programs to Day and Boarding Students from all over the world. With strong academic focus and sense of community, we are very proud of our 110 graduates who earned $650,000 in scholarships to join top world ranked universities and colleges, since 2012.


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