South Grenville District High School (SGDHS) student Kadynn Morrison

Grade 11 South Grenville District High School (SGDHS) student Kadynn Morrison is excelling in both her school and skating careers, earning a national bronze medal last month, while staying involved in academics and extra-curriculars at the school. 

On Jan. 25, the Spencerville-born SGDHS honour roll student travelled to Regina, Saskatchewan for the 2022-2023 Skate Canada Challenge with her skating partner, Wesley Lockwood from Kingston. 

“The trip was an overall great experience. The atmosphere was both welcoming and friendly and the competition was incredible,” says Morrison, noting that this was her first time on a plane since she was 4. 

Nineteen pre-novice pairs from across the country competed at the multi-day staking event. After the first day of partner dances, Kadynn and Wesley were ranked second. The second day consisted of free dancing, and the duo held a top-three spot and came home on Jan. 29 with a bronze medal. 

Kadynn explains that she had an exam the day she left on her trip, and one waiting for her when she got back. “I had to plan and prepare in advance for my exams, and I was lucky to not have any scheduled while I was away”.

As a hard-working student, Kadynn has made the honour roll with an 80 per cent average or more in each class of her high school career thus far. At her Grade 8 graduation in June 2020, she received the principal’s award, a character award and Athlete of the Year. 

Kadynn started skating when she was 2 years old, and has skated at the Spencerville Skating Club, Prescott Figure Skating Club, and currently at the Brockville Figure Skating Club. 

“This is the year that my skating career is starting to take off,” Kadynn explains. “I’m receiving new and exciting opportunities. I am grateful for my partner, Wesley, and the hard work we’ve both put in.” 

The skating duo has been training together three to four times a week since Nov. 2022, alternating between Brockville and Kingston. On top of the intense training, Kadynn is currently involved with the SGDHS student senate, on the senior girls’ volleyball team, and taking university-level classes. 

Kadynn and Wesley are currently preparing for a skating competition in Gloucester Feb.17-19, which is a qualifier for Provincials to be held in Stratford, Ontario in March. 

“We are incredibly proud of Kadynn and her work ethic both inside and outside of our school,” says SGDHS Principal Trisha Johnston. “She’s a great role model and a great ambassador, and we will continue to cheer her on as she pursues her goals.” 



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