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A local spin class participated in the first annual Parkinson’s Revolution on February 9, raising over $2,000 for the cause. Parkinson’s Revolution is the first international collaboration between Parkinson Canada, Parkinson Foundation (U.S.), and Parkinson UK. The fundraiser raises money for Parkinson’s research and is a way for people to ride together on the path to a cure. According to the Parkinson Canada website, stationary cycling is an activity that has proven benefits for people living with Parkinson’s, and research is currently underway at the University of Guelph to investigate high intensity training and its impact on the progression of the disease.

Stacey Dickson is a spin instructor at Get Cronk’d Fitness Studio in Kemptville. She says it was one of her clients who heard about the fundraiser and asked if it would possible to do something at the studio. Stacey jumped at the idea, and as soon as she set it in motion, she found out how many people are affected by the disease even locally. “Twenty-five people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every day” she says. “It’s so prevalent in our community.”

She even sold a spot on the treadmill and brought her own bike from home. They ended up having 12 eager participants, many of whom shared their story and who they were riding for. “We had three new people who had never done a spin class before,” Stacey says.

Stacey’s initial goal was to raise $250, but, with an outpouring of donations from the community, that was quickly surpassed. The event went so well that they ended up being the top fundraiser in Canada.

Parkinson Canada sent a representative to the event to support the spinners, all of whom were given a Parkinson Canada t-shirt and a gift bag from sponsors. Stacey says Natures Way, Iron Vegan, and, of course Get Cronk’d, were the three main sponsors of the event.

Stacey hopes this will be a yearly event at Get Cronk’d and is planning on organizing a larger fundraiser next year, with multiple classes so more people can participate. “It was a blast,” Stacey says. “This little community really blossomed.”


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