Debbie Amirault hands Director of the Kemptville Salvation Army, Calvin Wong, her second donation of $500 to their food bank, while holding her Community Hero Scroll from MP Michael Barrett.

Last week, Debbie Amirault, of the Mouth 2 Mouth Project, was honoured for her dedication in supporting the local community with a Community Hero Scroll from MP Michael Barrett. Debbie says she was very surprised when it showed up in her mailbox, and she has no idea who nominated her for it. “I was just blown away,” she says. “I’ve never received anything like this before, so it’s very touching.”

Over the past few months, Debbie has been working full time sewing masks and selling them for $2, with all the proceeds going towards local food banks. She is keeping the cost low to make sure that everyone can have access to quality face masks; but many people are paying more than $2 to support the cause. So far, she has sewn over 600 masks, making two donations of $500 to the Salvation Army and one to the House of Lazarus Food Bank. “It is my passion,” Debbie says. “I don’t look at it as work.”

Debbie is still taking orders for masks, and she is always looking for fabric donations, particularly solid colours and kid’s patterns. To order masks, or make a donation, contact Debbie at [email protected].


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