Local mask-maker, Debbie Amirault, made her second donation of $500 to the House of Lazarus (HOL) food bank last Monday. Debbie has been making masks for the community since the summer, and has now donated $2,000 in total to HOL and the Salvation Army food bank.

Community support for what she calls the Mouth2Mouth Project has remained high, and Debbie is well on her way to making her fifth donation of $500. The cost of each mask was $2, but, in light of recent government guidelines regarding face coverings, Debbie is now using medical-grade filter material to accommodate the three layers of fabric that is now required.

This means that the cost of the masks has gone up to $4. However, 100% of the proceeds are still going to feed local people in need. Despite the rise in cost, orders are still flowing in and Debbie is thrilled with the continued community support. To order masks, or find out more, you can contact her at mouth2mouthproject@gmail.com. As her husband, Mike, wrote in an email: “With Christmas coming, a mask would make a great stocking stuffer!”


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