Local hero in action in downtown Kemptville


A local hero raised $850 for the Kemptville Salvation Army Food Bank this weekend while also supporting a local business.

On Sunday morning Kemptville resident Manon Kuilder posted in the Kemptville Community Bulletin Board on Facebook, challenging the community to visit Bubba and Bugs Coffee Bar in downtown Kemptville and take a selfie with their purchases. “My goal is 50, but if I get at least 30 people to reply to this post today with a selfie in front of Bubba and Bugs with a purchase I will donate $100 worth of food to the Kemptville Food Bank and I will purchase the food from a local grocery store (not Walmart),” she wrote.

The challenge took off like wildfire, with almost 50 shares and over 100 comments. By 2pm, when the shop closed, Manon had received 52 selfies. Not only did people participate in the challenge, Manon also had many other people reach out saying they would also make a donation to the Food Bank. “It’s so great to see the support the community does, not only for going and taking a selfie, but for actually matching the donation,” she said.

Manon was inspired to create the challenge because she had never been to Bubba and Bugs before, and she wanted to do something to support the community and a small local business. “It’s incredible,” Manon said. “I’m blown away that something this morning started as a small idea progressed into $850 for the Food Bank and some amazing support for a new local business.”

Sunday was a busy day for Bubba and Bugs with a lineup out the door. Owners Scott Godwin and Luc Vincent were very thankful for the challenge and thanked Manon on Facebook: “We just wanted to say how much we appreciate this. All small businesses downtown need some love these days, and this gesture means the world.”


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