Local food banks work together


“It is only through our collective action that we will end hunger and poverty in Ontario,” Feed Ontario’s website states.

Five local food banks have joined the rest of the province and the country to encourage Canadians to take action against hunger. The Agape Centre, Community Food Share, House of Lazarus, Merrickville Food Cupboard, and South Grenville Food Bank will each be focusing on different ways to spread awareness this September, as it has been designated Hunger Action Month.

Roughly 502,000 adults, seniors, and children visit Ontario food banks each year. Check in with your local food bank to find out what they have planned this month. The Agape Centre is planning a Hunger Awareness Challenge, South Grenville Food Bank is hosting a Fill the Cruiser event and back-to-back open houses, while the others are focused on building hunger awareness via daily social media information bites.

Food Banks Canada: “The driving factor behind food bank use is poverty. Economic disruptions, low incomes, and government policies that don’t provide adequate support are what keep the number of food bank users persistently and unacceptably high. Food banks from coast to coast to coast are there when people must choose between shelter, clothing, and feeding their family. While it is essential that people in need have access to food today, changes in government policy to support people out of poverty are what will truly drive down the number of people turning to food banks across Canada.”


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