Local Covid-19 update


Can we celebrate without becoming complacent? In the entire Leeds Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit [LGLDHU] area, the last confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported on June 3, and there have been no new cases or deaths since then.

As of June 12, there have been a total of 351 cases and 50 deaths in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. 295 (98%) of those cases have recovered. A look at the statistics for the five sectors in which the LGLDHU is divided shows the following:

Lanark East: 49 cases, 48 recovered.
Lanark West: 56 cases, 55 recovered.
United Counties of Leeds & Grenville [UCLG} West: 13 cases, 11 recovered.
UCLG Central: 23 cases, 22 recovered.
UCLG East (North Grenville, Merrickville-Wolford, Augusta, and Edwardsburg-Cardinal): 17 cases, 14 recovered.

In total for all five sectors, there have been 50 deaths, of which 47 were in long-term care facilities, and three were in the community. 96% of the deaths took place in the over-65 age group, and the median age of those who died was 86.

The general trend is certainly in the right direction, with only two long-term care facilities now reporting cases, and a recovery rate of between 96% and 99% being recorded. In long-term care facilities over the period from June 4 to June 12, there were no new cases, and the recovery rate for the confirmed cases was 99%.

These figures are really encouraging and are a credit to both the frontline healthcare workers, and the community in general for abiding by the advice of the Health Unit over the past months. But now is not the time to relax completely. Our new-found freedom of movement needs to be enjoyed with care. But, at least for this week, we can celebrate a victory of sorts: we’re going in the right direction at least.


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