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A local business owner has given a boost to the House of Lazarus’ (HOL) Birthday Club with a sweet and delicious fundraiser. Stephanie Timmons is the owner/operator of Tasty Treats Custom Confections, a baking business that she runs part time out of her home in Kemptville. Stephanie says that she wanted to run a fundraiser for a local charity this summer and, when she heard of about HOL birthday club, she thought it would be an excellent fit.

The program, set to start this Fall, will provide food bank patrons with all the things needed to throw a kid’s birthday party, free of charge. “I saw the link to the birthday program on Facebook and thought it would work well with what I do for a living,” says Stephanie, who often makes specialty cupcakes, and cakes for kid’s birthday parties, “I can’t imagine not being able to afford a birthday for my kids.”

Stephanie usually charges $15 for a dozen mini cup- cakes, but for the fundraiser she accepted just $5, with a donation to the Birthday Club. She only asked for one item, but many people donated several, with some dropping off fully-coordinated birthday party kits. In the three weeks that the fundraiser was advertised, Stephanie easily met her goal of selling 100 dozen cupcakes, collecting over 500 items for the Birthday Club. “It’s great to give them a head start,” says a tired but happy Stephanie, who pulled an all- nighter to make sure the 1,200 cupcakes were ready to go on the pick-up dates from August 17-19. “It might be something I do every year if the program continues.”

Executive Director of HOL, Cathy Ashby, says they are very grateful for Stephanie’s contribution and the support it got from the community. “We were elated when we heard about Stephanie’s fundraiser,” she says. “Being able to provide gifts and birthday party supplies to our foodbank families will decrease parental stress and increase enjoyment of their child’s special day. We are truly blessed by the community support for this program.”


    • Hi Judy. My understanding is you don’t have to apply. If you use the food bank you are eligible for a birthday part kit. I suggest you get in touch with HOL 613-989-3830 for more information!


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