Local business helps people pay forward


A local business is encouraging the community to Pay It Forward in a delicious way. Angie and Blaine Mordy, the operators of Fat Les’s Chip Stand across from the Municipal Centre on County Road 44, have placed a “pay it forward” bulletin board next to their take-out window to allow their customers to purchase ice cream, chips, hamburgers, and even full meals, for people in need.

“I’ve always had a passion for food, food banks and soup kitchens,” says Angie, explaining that she recently saw a video of a pizza shop in Chicago who had a wall of post-it notes that were redeemable for a free pizza slice. “I thought I would love to do that at the wagon.”

Early last week, Angie and Blaine decided to go for it, and they put up the bulletin board at their truck. They publicized it on Facebook and, within the first four days, they had accumulated almost 20 post-it notes redeemable for ice cream, hot dogs, ice cream and fries. “It’s been a ripple effect,” Angie says. “Some people just give me money and I break it into several meals.”

Angie says the focus now is to get people to use them. They have a “no questions asked” policy with the pay it forward post-its. They hope to reach out to the Salvation Army and the House of Lazarus, so they can make sure that people who need it the most know about the board. “There is such a need in our community,” Angie says. “We all enjoy going out, but not everyone can afford it.”

This is Angie and Blaine’s first year operating the chip stand on County Road 44. They are open Monday-Wednesday, 11 am-7 pm, and Thursday-Sunday, from 11 am-8 pm.


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