Pharmacist Neveen Hanna with her assistants, Lori Sekli and Thomine Robert, and her certificates for complex compounding.

Crystal first entered the Pharmasave at eQuinelle feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. Her three-year-old daughter, Quinn, had just been diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, and Crystal had a list of very specialized medications that she needed to help her daughter feel better and cope with her illness. “She went from being on no medications to being on a lot that I couldn’t even pronounce,” Crystal said.

Many of Quinn’s medications had to be compounded, or tailored specifically to her, which is something that not all pharmacies do. Through the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Crystal found out that the Pharmasave at eQuinelle was licensed to do complex compounding, which is exactly what she needed. With the complex compounding certificate, Pharmasave is about to tailor the medication dose, type, flavour and texture to the patient, all of which they do in their in-house compounding centre.

“We can make anything that is not found commercially,” says Neveen Hanna, owner and pharmacist at Pharmasave. “I will work with doctors to come up with something that will help my patients.”

Not only do they offer this specialized service, Crystal says Neveen has truly gone above and beyond for her daughter. From creating her favourite flavoured syrups out of capsules, to ensuring refills are always ready to go, or talking with Quinn’s specialists at CHEO, she has been a saving grace for their family. Neveen has educated them about Quinn’s various medications and been a compassionate and caring ally in an extremely challenging time. Crystal says she even called them when she was sick at home, to make sure everything was OK with Quinn’s medications. “You don’t get that kind of service everywhere,” Crystal says. “It makes all the difference when your world has been flipped upside down.”

Neveen says being able to tailor medications to her client’s needs has become a passion for her. She has a small staff, and they offer a personal service and call their clients by name. “I have a really good team,” Neveen says. “Our patients become family to us.”


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