The Saltastic crew: Karen Quigley, Claira Bastien, Ashly Cureston, and Emma Ford - not in picture.

The people at Saltastic are feeling fantastic! On Thursday, July 5, they celebrated one year in business in North Grenville, with a Customer Appreciation Day to mark the anniversary. Owner, Karen Quigley talked about the motivation behind opening Saltastic: “Saltastic was founded because I had been suffering from sinus infections for most of my life. Nasal sprays, antibiotic, nothing was working anymore. I discovered salt therapy on a trip to Florida and never looked back. It took a few more years of research, and the strength to actually go ahead and open the business, but, one year later, I am very happy that I pushed myself to move forward. Salt Therapy promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, decrease stress & anxiety while boosting your immune system. It is natural, safe AND effective.”


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