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A local author has written a comedic book about camping and RVing that is sure to leave you struggling to catch your breath. North Gower author Janet Jensen grew up in Stittsville and has always lived in the local area, having resided in places such as Manotick and Oxford Station in the past. Her new book, “I Think We Should Go Camping: Tales, Secrets, and Utter Disasters From the Road”, is a compilation of hilarious stories inspired by years of RVing.

“I grew up in a family that celebrated humour and as a result, I look at most things in life through a comedic lens,” said Janet. “I never thought I would write a book until the mind-blowing stories resulting from years of RVing in luxury RVs had everyone we knew telling me that I had to write a book.”

Janet decided to give the writing a try, although she didn’t take it very seriously at first. “It started out as a lark – a fun thing to document all the crazy things that happened, but as I got deeper into the writing process, I realized that this could be of interest to more than my immediate family and friends,” Janet explained. “After a painstaking process of getting the book self-published, it is now available on Amazon, and the reviews thus far have been – to my great relief – fantastic!”

Janet has been told that the book is hilarious, like a stand-up comedy routine on paper, and that people have a hard time putting it down. The biggest compliment she has received is that each and every person who has reached out to her admits to laughing out loud after only the first few pages.

The topic of camping and RVing is one to which many people can relate. Janet has heard from readers that her book has brought back nostalgic memories for them. “People love to read about other peoples’ misfortunes and adventures, especially when they are true,” Janet added. “People are curious about RVs, particularly the big fancy ones – and I tell the whole, amazing and ugly truths about owning and vacationing in them!”

Amazon’s description of the book reads, in part: “Camping, like life, rarely goes as planned. Even if you’re ‘glamping’ in a top-of-the-line rock star bus, things can go sideways, and fast! Climb aboard with Janet, a dog-loving rookie camper, and her fearless RV-camp-aholic boyfriend to

enjoy a front-seat view of the secret and not-so-glamorous side of RV camping. You’ll find out about the ghastly and sometimes embarrassing bits that never make it into the glossy sales brochures. Janet’s storytelling is playful, honest, irreverent and at times shocking, but always with a healthy dose of smarty-pants. She also takes you on detours through hilarious anecdotes and side-tangents on topics ranging from white powdered donuts, RV plumbing, Shark Tank inventions, to her suffering through a State Trooper’s polygraph interrogation. Her personal perspective on luxury camping will have you in stitches!”

Janet lives “surrounded by farms, horses, and the odd chicken.” Her love of creative writing as a child likely helped inspire her new writing career. She is married, with a grown son and three stepsons. “Janet gushes that the writing of this book was a labor of love,” reads a part of Janet’s bio in her book. “However, with her tendency to agonize over every dang word, she also concedes that it was like giving birth to a piano.”

“I Think We Should Go Camping” is available on Amazon. To learn more, visit



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