LLGAMH announces Domenic Ielo as new Chief Executive Officer


The Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health (LLGAMH) team welcomes Domenic Ielo as their new Chief Executive Officer, effective, January 16, 2022. 

“After a thoughtful and comprehensive search involving many individuals, I am pleased to welcome Domenic to our community,” says Roger Haley, Board Chair. “The final recommendation from the selection committee was unanimously supported by the Board of Directors. What stood out were Domenic’s variety of experiences, his communication skills, and his eagerness to work with his team to share our services with a vast number of community partners throughout Lanark, Leeds and Grenville.” 

Domenic is a registered nurse who brings 20 years of experience in the hospital and health care industry. He is skilled in nursing education, management, clinical informatics, critical care, and continuous improvement. Of relevance is his experience in mental health including a previous role as Co-Chair of the Champlain Mental Health Inter-Hospital Committee as well as his training and experience in change management. 

Most recently, Domenic was Director of Patient Care Service for the Integrated Schizophrenia and Recovery Program with the Ozerdinc Grimes Family Regional Psychosis Clinic and Sleep Clinic at The Royal Mental Health Centre. Domenic began his career as a staff nurse at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Over time he assumed managerial and clinical leadership positions, specializing in clinical information technology and quality improvement. 

“The community mental health addictions services the great people of LLGAMH provide, inspire me,” says Domenic. “My experience building strong teams and partnerships while ensuring we remain client- and-family-centered, will help us set a new course for the future. This is possible because we are building on a strong foundation where the staff and the board of directors bring dedication and passion to their work every day. The last few years have been challenging. But, working together, I’m confident we will emerge as a community mental and addictions agency that leads the way with strong partnerships, innovation, and above all, a focus on excellentcare. I would like to thank the board of directors for their confidence in my leadership and vision. I am incredibly grateful to join the team at LLGAMH.” 

“The timing of Domenic’s arrival couldn’t be better,” explains Roger. “We are designing a new three-to-five-year strategic plan that will set an exciting new course for our organization and that will consider the needs of our clients, partners, and staff. Having Domenic contribute to that plan is critical.” 

LLGAMH will be sharing more information about the new CEO and his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, over the coming weeks and months. 


Since 2015, LLGAMH has been supporting clients throughout Lanark, Leeds and Grenville – from Brockville to Almonte to Delta to Lombardy to Seeley’s Bay. Its programs and services range from counselling services, case management, recreation, vocation, housing including mental health group homes to residential addictions treatment homes and a variety of community- based substance use supports. Support is also provided to family members and caregivers. 

For more details about LLGAMH, please visit www.llgamh.ca


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