As we age it is important that we pay close attention to our health, and feet are something we may not give the tender loving care they deserve.  Sometimes it is harder to care for our feet when the reach is challenging. Improperly cared for feet can be very painful causing difficulty in walking and decreased mobility and agility. Don’t be de-feeted!  Seeing a footcare nurse can help identify possible health conditions and one of the many things you can do to care for yourself.  Seniors’ Community Services has a foot care clinic on site Thursdays and Fridays with a Registered Nurse who will ensure the best care to allow you to walk without pain, and can help with healthier, long-lasting lifestyle changes.

To access the footcare clinic, please call 613-258-3203 for registration and fee information. 

The footcare clinic is just one of the services offered to older adults who are living independently at home.  Meals on Wheels is another supportive service that provides access to nutritious meals door to door.  It is convenient, delicious and takes the stress out of grocery shopping and meal preparation. In the last six months, over 3000 meals have been delivered to folks in this community, and the demand continues to increase. Over the next month we are holding our second annual Holiday Wreath and Planter fundraiser in support of the Meals on Wheels service.  Decorate your doors and porches for the holidays knowing you have a part in building a strong and vibrant community.

For information, or to order please reach out to [email protected] or call 613-258-3203.



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