The taping of the singer/songwriter showcase as part of Live at the Library. L-R: Kimberly Sunstrum, Brock Zeman, Julie Corrigan, Keith Glass. Photo provided by Karen Bedard

Kemptville Live Music Festival, in partnership with Kemptville Campus, has been offering a free online concert series over the past few months. The Live At The Library sessions were recorded in a temporary sound studio assembled in the former Kemptville College library on the second floor of the historic Purvis Hall.

The performances were recorded over a five day period in late February and have been released weekly every Thursday and the occasional Sunday since March 4. Professional sound, lighting and film technicians greeted the artists to engage in the performing experience and environment that they had all been missing for well over a year.

The project has presented twelve performances to date, with two more scheduled for Thursday May 13 and Sunday May 16. All of the past performances are available for viewing on Kemptville Live’s new YouTube channel.

The series to date has been well received by the fans. Typically, 150-200 people have been tuning in for the premiere of each show on the Thursday or Sunday releases, and they are seeing the views escalate anywhere from 300-2000+ within 30 days as the links are shared with family and friends.

The project was initiated in recognition of the need for a distraction from the gloom of the looming health restrictions right now. Kemptville Live believes that music heals and is extremely essential, even more so in times like these. Staying inside, alone for many, for months that are already gloomy is very difficult for many people. Kemptville Live organizers recognized that their role, in providing a quality cultural product representing the community and volunteers who have built the brand, did not need to come to a halt because folks could not gather. With a little pivot and a lot of learning, the Kemptville Live name is still out there on a 2021 product that represents the community and local artists well.

With the 2021 Kemptville Live Music Festival in July once again being unable to proceed due to COVID-19, the organization hopes to be able to provide another online concert series over the winter months to provide a bit more culture and comfort until the live festival can return in July 2022.


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