Limerick Poker Ride 2019 for Local Food Banks


by Monica Treidlinger

The Eastern Ontario Horses of Course Club is proud to host the Limerick Forest Poker Ride 2019. This charity ride will be held on September 22, 2019 in Limerick Forest Area 1 (also known as The Pit). The proceeds from this event will go to local food banks.

This is essentially the same great ride that Audrey Rooney of Rooney Feeds Ltd. had organized for the past 12 years, including well marked trails through a beautiful forest, a meal and beverages, and the chance to win prizes with good poker hands, and other prizes. Many of the same volunteers are also still involved. The only difference is the charity that the ride supports.

Riders are asked to donate $50 to participate in this ride. There will also be a food drive at the event where riders can exchange a food item for a chance at a better card to improve their hand. Riders come away with a T-shirt, an outing on horseback in the forest, quality time with friends, and the knowledge they are helping others in need.

And who says horses and ATVs don’t get along? Members of the Johnstown ATV Club will be at the BBQ, cooking smoked ham and hamburgers as the main part of the lunch offering. Limerick Forest trails are multi-use, and this is one way to encourage all users of the trails to cooperate for everyone’s safety.

To register for this ride, visit
For more information, contact Monica Treidlinger (President, Horses of Course Club) at, or Ann Hedberg (Vice-President, Horses of Course Club at

We hope to see you at the ride.


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