The North Grenville Emergency & Protective Services Department has received several complaints recently about water filter services companies going door-to-door under the pretext of water issues and aggressive sales tactics.

In 2015, the Municipality passed By-Law 104-15 which requires a Municipal licence for door-to-door sales. By-Law Services has investigated the company currently going door-to-door and they are operating without a required licence. There are currently no licences issued for door-to-door sales in North Grenville.

If a salesperson shows up at your door selling goods or services and requests that you sign a contract or provide them information on water filters, home energy, heating or any similar activity, you should request to see their Municipal Sales Licence and carefully read any literature they provide. If they cannot produce a Municipal Sales Licence, please report the company name, representative’s name and/or any vehicle information to By-Law Services at (613)258-9569 ext. 206 or the Ontario Provincial Police at (613) 258-3441. If they become aggressive or you are concerned for your safety, call 9-1-1.


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