Letters to the Editor – Interlibrary Loan Service


Dear Editor,

An open letter to Steve Clark, MPP.

By cancelling the Interlibrary Loan Service, the Conservatives are basically saying “You (small town and rural communities) don’t count. Your children and grandchildren do not need access to the books that will enable city kids to be better informed, better educated and better equipped for higher education. You (Seniors in small towns and rural communities) don’t count. If you want access to the same movies, books, etc as urban voters, you’ll have to pay more and you’ll have to trek into the city to get them. You are less important to us and we don’t mind letting you know that”.

That the cancellation was done in such an abrupt and arbitrary manner is further indication of the Ford’s government’s disdain for the rural vote.

That’s a pretty loud and clear message, and one the voters in rural communities and small towns should remember on election day. It’s the strong, loyal rural communities that have supported the PC party consistently. How quickly the elected representatives have forgotten us.

You can be sure though, that they’ll be calling at fund raising time, and election time.

I, for one, will not support a party that deliberately marginalizes the very community I live in. And, I’ll actively lobby friends, neighbours and relatives to seek out a viable alternative to the arrogance of the Progressive Conservatives.

Libraries are a vital, even essential service and can’t be simply replaced by the internet.

Jo-Anne Barton
Oxford Mills, Ontario


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