Letter to the Honorable Steve Clark


To the honourable Steve Clark,

I hope you are well during these challenging times. As you know, high school graduations throughout the province are postponed until further notice. This year is a special year in Kemptville regardless of the restrictions. This year is the year that our French catholic high school proudly celebrates our first graduates from l’Académie catholique Notre-Dame!

I am writing you today as a parent who solicited your help in making this dream come true. As a past school board trustee, I know that you have always supported our children and our families. I have no right speaking on behalf of any parent today, but I’m certain they would concur when I say thank you. Thank you for believing that our kids could grow and learn in our community. Thank you for listening to every parent and presenting our petition to Queen’s Park. Thank you for continuing to support our community as it grows on the Kemptville Campus. Merci d’être là pour nous.

Best regards, Anouk


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