Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor;

I’m writing to bring attention to two articles written in the May issue of Maclean’s that might be of interest to your readers. The first article on page 46 deals with the inconsistent internet speeds (mpbs) in smaller communities with rural populations. Our community is headlined. Nancy Morgan of Workshop Dance Studio in Kemptvlle/North Grenville is profiled as an example of the challenges faced by businesses required to offer services exclusively online. Our Mayor Peckford is also quoted.

Given the recent government dictate to build a jail here, readers might want to look at the article on page 78 entitled Houses of Hate that describes the state of our jails that has been ignored for years, much like long-term care home conditions. It makes for important reading beyond having a new mattress. Apart from economic/social/financial considerations, we need to ask ourselves if we want to perpetuate inhumane treatment of the majority of incarcerated people who are there because of trauma and need healing. That’s where our billions of tax dollars should be spent. Add inhumanity to the reasons we don’t want to support the old get-rid-of-them frame of mind.

NC LaBelle


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