Letter to the Editor – your voice


Dear Editor,

Thank you Peter Friedrichs of Oxford Station, for talking on behalf of the possible ‘real majority’ of North Grenville residents, who are not angered by the building of a Provincial Prison on Provincial land.

Thank you North Grenville Times for making democracy easier to be effective and most importantly, represented. In my opinion, the ‘acronym group’ of 90 lawn sign people are given their say and the majority are able to hear and have the opportunity to understand their opposition. That is healthy for democracy.

As with the climate change deniers, it is good to understand where and why the ‘few’ want to place their soapboxes. Voices are so important in a sustaining democracy. Having them heard is imperative.

My voice is simple: the North Grenville Times is the panacea for troubled citizen dialogue. Our new city council of Mayor Nancy Peckford, Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman and Councillors Doreen O’Sullivan and John Barclay have brought in progressive, transparent, efficacious, and needed governance actions. The NG Times keeps us well informed. On the other hand, the minority deniers, the non-trusting citizens, the ‘wannabe back councillor’, and the lawn sign ‘acronym group’, all keep us on our toes in reminding us of alternative and negative choices, or what could be, if, we did not have the best little positive city, newspaper, and city council ever. I love North Grenville and especially its democracy always in action.

The idyllic, bucolic, pastoral and sylvan townships of North Grenville is bested only by our neighbourhood and news. Please continue printing all of our opinions. Gosh, it is healthy, compared to reading the ‘not trusting’ opinions of the few, as David Shanahan pointed out last week.

With much gratitude:

Graeme Waymark,
a ‘not grumpy grandpa’ living almost a decade now in the Westerra Development.


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