Letter to the editor – women supporting women


Dear Editor,

In the last issue of your paper was a front page article entitled “women supporting women”. It would seem to me that the job of the reporter was to simply tell the basic story of what these ladies are doing and why, but instead, the reporter veers into preaching, by stating, “its not right to say we should help people at home before we look abroad for people to support…” Think about Those words. The journalist, the presenter, is telling the reader that their opinion, or their belief, is wrong, presumably because ‘they’ (people who hold such opinions) are not as wise and as broadminded as ‘the writer’.

Perhaps the writer does not think they are ‘as evolved’ as the writer. Does that not strike you as arrogant and preachy, that a writer/reporter would say such a thing to the reading audience?

My opinion, and its just my opinion, is that just because two groups of people have a different opinion, does not necessarily mean that one of those opinions is Wrong or ‘not right’.

Jeff Feenstra


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