Letter to the editor – We have only one Earth


Dear Editor,
I very much appreciated the guest Editorial by Colin Creasey, entitled “We have only one Earth”. He makes some very excellent points in my opinion. I also do not like the great divide between the rich and the poor. Does that make me socialist, if labelled? Once, a former mayor asked my husband if I was a leftie. It has always seemed to be the rich and the poor, the kings and their courts, and then the slaves and the peasants on the bottom. The large majority being the poor. But shouldn’t we try to do better, to make things more balanced?

And, yes, look to B.C., as Mr. Creasey says. They have had the carbon tax and it is working.

Andrew Scheer wants to bring back the Eastern pipeline that would go under the Rideau River. They can all have their safety checks, but if a leak ever happened and the aquifers were effected, try to imagine what that would do to our water supply.

I thought the minimum wage at fifteen dollars was a good thing. I thought the efforts to bring in alternatives to fossil fuels was a good thing. Do we like breathing smog and pollution? I like fresh clean air myself. Only concerning ourselves about the economy could eventually destroy us all. We have to find a sustainable balance, because “We have only one Earth”.

Thank you so much Mr. Creasey.
Kath Piché


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