Letter to the editor – voting strategy


Dear Editor,

Voting Strategy

Those of us who care about the environment and our future need a strategy for the upcoming federal election. First, it’s best to just ignore the climate change deniers, even if they are scientists, who believe and repeat what they read on the internet about climate change. “Do your research” on the internet and you’ll learn that the earth is flat, humans didn’t walk on the moon, and we didn’t get here via evolution, all supported by “facts”. You can believe any of those if you want, but that doesn’t make them true. It’s better to trust the scientists who work in the appropriate field.

The only debate about climate change is to determine the most effective ways to combat it. We therefore need to choose the political party which has the best response to this threat.

My proposal is to vote ABC: Anybody But Conservative, because a Conservative government will not protect the environment and will not do anything meaningful about climate change because they think it would cost too much and would hinder business. We need look no further than the Ford government to see how true that is. Even though most Conservative politicians know that climate change is real and human-caused, they still apparently are ideologically bound to say that doing something about it would be bad for business or would cost too much money.

Here in rural Eastern Ontario we continue to split our non-Conservative vote among Liberal, NDP, and Green. This just ensures a victory for the Conservative candidate. The second strategy is therefore to choose the candidate in your riding most likely to beat the Conservative and vote for that person.

Stew Hamill


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