Letter to the editor – Voting


Dear Editor,

Top 10 reasons why I can’t vote Liberal.

Debt/Deficit: $60 billion added in national debt since 2015. No balanced budget for decades to come. Trudeau promised three $10 billion deficits before balancing the budget. He should be paying down the debt.

Carbon tax: A tax on commuters not polluters. Rural Canadians with no options are most affected. Trudeau said high gas prices “are what we want.” This will increase the price of everything

Closed for business and Bill C-69: Trudeau’s taxes and red tape are driving investment away and stifling small business, the backbone of our economy. They aren’t tax cheats. Bill C-69, the anti-pipeline Bill, stifles resource development in Canada and further drives investment away.

Bill C-71: A back door gun registry that does nothing to fight gangs and gun crime in cities, forces rural Canadians to suffer in favor of Trudeau’s big-city supporters.

Values tests: Students went without jobs this summer because Trudeau forced organizations to sign a values statement. Now he is offering payments to newspapers that conform to his pre-set standards. This is not democracy or diversity.

USMCA: This deal puts limits on our automotive exports, allows for higher prices on name-brand pharmaceuticals and allows Americans more access to our dairy market. Trudeau won nothing in return: Buy American provisions remain, and tariffs also remain on steel, aluminum and softwood lumber – with no timeline or plan for lifting them.

Soft on Crime: From paying terrorists, to spending Veteran’s Affairs money on a non-vet for alleged PTSD from criminal activity, to softening penalties in Bill C-75 for such things as attacks on religious leaders and terrorism, Canadians are now less safe and secure.
Illegal immigration: Trudeau created a disaster and crisis at our borders and instead of fixing it he is spending millions that should be going to Canadian seniors and low income earners.

Infrastructure: His promised spending on infrastructure has not materialized despite massive deficits. His infrastructure bank has so far only funded its own growing bureaucracy.

Job Claims: He claims to have created 700,000 jobs. He forgets that many of those were already being created when he came to office thanks to the previous government. He doesn’t say how many are new government jobs. He hasn’t subtracted the thousands of jobs lost in Alberta, out east and right here in Leeds-Grenville.

Yours Sincerely
Alfred Read


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