Letter to the editor – voter turnout


Dear Editor,

I was slightly surprised to find myself in agreement with the recent letters from former mayors Bill Gouch and Ralph Raina.

They too know the incumbent mayor and two incumbent councillors running for re-election don’t hold with opinions contrary to their exalted selfconceptions.

No one has yet expressed to me views contrary to my statements in previous letters, but I was surprized when told the expressed judgements of the candidates referenced above is to label those of us bold enough to disagree as malcontents and communists.

That says to me small minds occupying a small world, and having a very limited descriptive vocabulary.

Very few voters per capita actively contact elected officials, so we must speak for the many not willing to make their views public.

We should expect our councillors and mayor to give us their full attention. Outside council meetings, we must take the opportunity to publicly raise our concerns to them, and to be listened to politely. Our elected officials must admit there are problems, and seek respectful resolutions.

I believe wanting North Grenville to be an open democracy, instead of the petty fiefdom of a few, is not too much to expect. We need a voter turnout greater than the 40 per cent who voted in 2014.

Michael Whittaker, Bishop’s Mills


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