Letter to the Editor – Volunteers


Dear Editor,

I am always amazed by the number of people in North Grenville who volunteer on a regular basis at multiple charities, not-for-profits, and community events. All for a private thank you and the knowledge that what they are doing is helping others and making this a better place for everyone.

If permitted, I would like to personally thank Karen Cooper, the former Chair of the Board of directors at the Kemptville Campus.

Karen was asked by Council to lead the first all volunteer board of the newly established Kemptville Campus and to set up an independent administration and the financial operations.

Karen worked tirelessly. She was in touch daily with the Municipality, the Campus Executive Director and Board members to take The Campus from operating as a division of the Municipality to a fully independent organization in a matter of months. I was personally inspired and motivated by her leadership and direction and I feel that The Campus is a much better place today because of all that Karen did.

Thank-you Karen.

Graham Pincott



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