Letter to the Editor – Unsafe Driving


Dear Editor,

My husband  and  I reside on the southwest side of  Prescott St. within walking distance of the Post Office. I am very leery of crossing any intersection in the town of Kemptville due to the fact that within this community drivers DO NOT pay attention to where they are going. Today, I had just left the Post Office to return home and had stopped at the intersection on the west side to wait for the “walking signal” to turn green. I was halfway across the intersection when a large white Suburban driven by a woman decided to cut me off because obtaining her mail was far more important than my life!!!!!!!  When I arrived home, I telephoned the OPP detachment, “NOT 911”.  I talked with a person in the office and she connected me with the district office where I repeated my complaint and suggested that they place a camera at that intersection, for they would actually make quite a bit of money catching the people who believe they are the most important people in town. I did not approach this woman, however, I have seen her around town.  One day, we will meet on the sidewalk and she will get a taste of what an Irish temper looks like.  I beg all drivers to please follow the rules of the road.  The consequences of any driver taking the life of a person legally inside a crosswalk intersection will definitely haunt them for the rest of their life.  Not to mention the criminal, financial, and potential mental stress consequences of killing another human being, “over mail”, no less.

Josephine Herman



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